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Welcome to Legal-World Interpreting (LWI), serving the interpreting needs of the legal community for over two decades.
Founded in 1991, Legal-World Interpreting has grown into one of the premier legal interpreting service providers Nationwide. With an extensive list of skilled linguists in over ninety-nine languages at our disposal, Legal-World Interpreting can meet the needs of nearly any situation requiring fast and accurate interpretations.

Our interpreter database consists of Court-Certified and court qualified interpreters, chosen for each assignment not only on the basis of their proficiency, but also by the specialized field specific knowledge they possess. Due to this fact our interpreters are able to render meticulously detailed interpretations which preserve idiomatic tone, style and nuance. It is our ability to match experienced individuals to specific assignments that differentiates us from our competitors.
At Legal-World Interpreting, we hold ourselves to a higher standard and have chosen not to allow pricing pressures to jeopardize our excellent reputation for service and reliability throughout the industry. Our coverage ratio is outstanding . When it comes to assignments given with more than 24 hours notice we are close 100% coverage, for spot (immediate) assignments we are at, or better than 96% coverage.

We pride ourselves on meticulous attention to detail which allows us to meet clients' needs ahead of our own. Our exemplary quality control system ensures that our interpreters meet our stringent standards of excellence, as well as yours.

In keeping with this, we require that our interpreters remain cutting edge. As with the constantly changing nature of language and culture, our interpreters update their skills so our clients can depend on us to provide the most accurate interpretations available.


Legal-World Interpreting is the leading legal interpreting service in the New York metro area, but we offer the same quality of interpreting services nationwide. Our research team has developed a national database of interpreters who have been interviewed, tested and screened. We will provide qualified linguists for your depositions, trials and medical exams as well as other areas of interpreting services that we provide in New York, for your region.


We hold our interpreters to the highest of standards. Each interpreter must have three to five years of legal experience. We interview all of our interpreters and test their interpreting skills long before we send them on an assignment. We assign each interpreter based on our clients' needs and apply their backgrounds to best meet the requirments of each assignment. Your reputation is too important to us.

To further guarantee quality and customer satisfaction, our client relations team includes a request on each invoice to visit our site and fill out our Interpreter Performance Survey. This procedure enables us to constantly maintain feedback from those we care about most, and make sure we are providing the highest quality interpreters possible.

We urge you to consider all of the prices available to you from other agencies, but most importantly consider the quality of the agency you hire. The lowest price is not necessarily the best value. Making the right choice means looking at the numbers and the quality of the company behind the numbers. When you choose Legal-World Interpreting, we are confident that you will be making the right choice.
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